A few months ago, an MRI discovered a tumor inside my brain. And because I've been traveling since, I've had countless hours to process it... and countless hours to notice it transform my body and my thoughts, and do you wanna know what this tumor has done? 

It has reinforced every decision I've ever made- every dollar I've ever spent on last minute plane tickets or overpriced iced coffees (because I always fail to do the currency conversion) or on my excessive collection of yoga shorts... it made me even more thankful for the nomadic lifestyle I chose years ago... it made me realize that you can practice kindness to every human, every creature on this planet, and to Mother Earth, and you can practice yoga daily and live a healthy, active lifestyle- and a tumor can still grow inside of your brain. 

So, really, all that matters is that you are the very best version of yourself every single day- that you live this life as an authentic being- and that you extend your circle of compassion to include all living things... And, if you want to complain about something today- or tomorrow- just... restrain- please- you (we)- have it so good. I've seen so much pain and devastation on my travels which is why I can continue to be grateful despite this temporary situation I find myself in. 

Focus on radiating love and happiness and positivity...and kindness; focus on practicing more of that... As for me, I'm going to be alright- sometimes, in the beginning, it hurt me a little bit- but it's actually the nicest tumor of all the tumors that have ever lived- and I'm going to be alright.

And to everyone who has shared a piece of themselves with me during this time, without even knowing anything at all, I have so much love for you.

photo credit Michael G. Quinn instagram @mikegquinn